Prof. Dr. Oleg Dik


Academic employment

  • Professor for urban Theology and Sociology at Tabor Protestant University, 10/2017
  • Lecturer in Sociology of Religion at Humboldt University Berlin and at University of Leipzig, 2016/17
  • Research fellow at Orient Institute Beirut, Lebanon, 2010/11


  • Ph.D. Religious Studies, Humboldt University Berlin, 05/2015.
  • M.A. Religion and Culture, Humboldt University Berlin, 09/2009.
  • M.A. Biblical Theology, University of Gloucestershire, 09/2006.

Mitgliedschaften und Gremien

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie


  • Religion and social change, Pentecostalism and Islam,
  • religious/cultural diversity, social theory/e.g. embodiment, urban intercultural theology


  1. On relation between power and body: Dis/embodiment of religion from an inter-cultural and inter-religious perspective
  2. Urban inter-cultural theology from the fringes



Dik,Oleg: Realness through Mediating Body: The Emergence of Charismatic/Pentecostal Communities in Beirut, 2017


  • Dik, O. (2013). Does it Matter whether the Holy Spirit Spoke to Fatima? In G. Giordan and L. Woodhead (Eds.), Prayer in Religion and Spirituality. In Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion, Vol. 4 (pp. 281-299). Boston&Leiden: Brill.
  • Dik, O. (Accepted for publication). Power through words: Understanding interreligious dialogue through the Pentecostal and Salafist engagement on the streets of Beirut and Berlin. In: Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion, Vol. 10. Boston&Leiden: Brill.



  • Dik, O. (2013). Your Prayer Moves God. In L. Hustinx and J. von Essen (Eds.) Religion and Volunteering. Complex, contested and ambiguous relationship. Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies (pp. 263-283). New York: Springer.


  • Plake, J. F. (2016). Missionary Expatriate Effectiveness: How Personality, Calling, and Learned Competencies Influence the Expatriate Transitions of Pentecostal Missionaries. Leiden & Boston: Brill, in: Theologische Literaturzeitung 143 (2018), Sp. 152f.

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