Aufgeschlagenes Buch Theologie und soziale Arbeit

B.A. Practical Theology and Social Work


Our integrative degree lasts 8 semesters and round half the modules are focused on social work. One quarter of the modules are specifically theological and the final quarter are relevant to both theology and social work.

In addition, practical elements are part of the degree:

  • After the first year there is a 4-week social placement for gaining first insight into the world of social work
  • After four semesters of the foundational part of the degree, the 5th semester is a six-month accreditation placement in a social organisation.
  • After the 6th semester in the summer there is a 4-week placement in a Christian church.
  • At the end, you write a bachelor’s thesis on a theme you can choose yourself.


For more information on the structure, content and process of the degree, see the module handbook available for download in the left column of the website. For all further questions about the contents of the degree, you may contact the course leader Prof. Dr. Frank Lüdke (Contact).

Begin of the degree

The degree always starts in the middle of September and lasts 8 semesters.

You can only commence your studies in the winter semester.

Career perspectives

Upon successful completion of the degree you are awarded the professional title “staatlich anerkannte(r) Sozialarbeiter(in)/Sozialpädagoge/in” – state-accredited social worker. This title opens the door to many career opportunities in social and diaconic organisations, with various groups of people. For example, with:

  • Youth
  • Refugees
  • People with addictions and drug problems
  • Prisoners and those on probation
  • People in debt
  • Old people
  • Families
  • Homeless people
  • Disabled people

Through the additional competence in practical theology, further career opportunities in Christian churches and organisations are possible, for example in:

  • Christian childrens’ and youth work
  • Church-based social action
  • Confirmation classes
  • Running Christian holidays
  • Training volunteers

Or further study…

The state-accredited BA degree gives you many opportunities to pursue further study and gain a Master’s degree. At the EH TABOR you can, after 2-3 semesters further theological study, start a M.A. in Protestant Theology or M.A. Protestant Church Ministry.

Apart from that there is the possibility, after at least one year of professional experience in social work, to start an M.A. Religion and Psychotherapy parallel to your job.

Costs and Finance

The tuition fees are 335 Euros per month (2010 per Semester).

The cost of the compulsory Semester-Ticket for the Rhein-Mein-Verkehrsverbund is 120 Euros per Semester. You can see the area covered by the ticket in the download area on the left (with thanks to the AStA of the TU Darmstadt for the overview).

The responsibility for financing the degree lies with the student. If not enough money is available to do this, there are different possibilities.

  • The degree is eligible for support from the German government’s BAföG. (cf. www.bafög.de)
  • You can apply for a scholarship (www.stipendienlotse.de)
  • Many banks offer student loans with low levels of interest (cf. www.studentendarlehen.org)
  • At the EH TABOR there are a limited number of mini-jobs.
  • You can work in Marburg. According to the law, students are allowed to work up to 19.5 hours a week.

Living and Eating

The sponsor of the college offers some places on our campus in student accommodation with various price categories (from 180 Euros per month including utilities). Otherwise, one can look for a room in the private market in Marburg.

The TABOR canteen offers different meal-plan options which can be booked at the beginning of the semester.

Double Degree

We offer the opportunity to study for a double qualification which in addition to the B.A. Practical Theology and Social Work awards you with a B.A. Protestant Theology. The course of study in TABOR is then lengthened to 12 semesters and you are awarded with two full and separate B.A. degrees. For further information and advice please contact us.

With whom?

An overview of our professors and lecturers can be found here.

Get to know us

Several times a year we organize open days for which one can register online or by telephone. As well as this, you can arrange to visit individually for one or more days in order to experience life at the college, including lectures and other events, with the opportunity to have personal conversations with lecturers and students.

Prerequisites for study

The prerequisite for starting study at the EH TABOR is meeting the criteria of §54 of the rules for study at a Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) in the Hessisches Hochschulgesetz.

This can be demonstrated by successful completion of one of:

  • Abitur
  • Fachabitur
  • Fachschulabschluss
  • Realschulabschlusss with at least a three-year apprenticeship completed after 1.1.2011 with a grade average of 2.5.
  • Professional Meisterprüfung
  • Higher education entrance test for especially able professionals

In individual cases, and for equivalent international qualifications, we can offer advice.

Furthermore, practical experience in a Christian church is presumed. For this, one should be able to demonstrate a placement of at least 12 weeks or a long-term placement through regular volunteering for at least one year in one or more church groups.

There is no minimum grade (numerus clausus).

Recognition of previous modules

It is possible for achievements made in other degrees and examinations in other universities or colleges to be recognised and have them count toward the degree B.A. Practical Theology and Social Work. For this you can make an application to the examination committee of the EH TABOR.

How to apply

To apply for a place at the EH TABOR, send all the following information and documents:

  1. The completed Leitfaden zur Bewerbung (see the left column)
  2. A recent photo (in the standard size for passports)
  3. Copies of certificates and final reports from your school and professional qualifications.
  4. A Curriculum Vitae
  5. A written confirmation of a placement in a Christian church or parachurch organisation (at least 12 weeks full-time or at least one year of regular volunteering)
  6. Two addresses of referees, for example group leaders, church leaders or pastors who know you well and are prepared to write a reference in the form of a questionnaires sent by us.
  7. A “Letter of Motivation” (1-2 pages) describing how you decided to apply for the degree at TABOR.
  8. The signed affirmation of the guidelines “Lebenswert” (see left column) by which you confirm that you have read and will respect the basic rules of our life together.


Send all these documents together, either to:

Ev. Hochschule TABOR
c/o Prof. Dr. Frank Lüdke
Dürerstr. 43
35039 Marburg

Or in electronic form by email to ptsa[at]eh-tabor.de.

You will then soon receive a confirmation that your application has arrived.

When we have received all the application documents and the external references we will invite you to an interview so that we can get to know you and clear up any remaining questions.

After that, we will tell you on a specified date whether we have accepted the application or not, or if you have been placed on a waiting list.

If you are accepted to study you will soon afterwards receive further information about the start of the degree.

Application deadline

Applications should be received by 30th June each year. Early applications increase the chance of success. Every year we have 25 places. When all the places are filled, you can be placed on a waiting list in case an applicant drops out.


Advice and questions about your application

Prof. Dr. Frank Lüdke
Dürerstraße 43
35039 Marburg
06421-96 74 32

General questions:

College secretary
Maria Shearn
Dürerstr. 43
35039 Marburg
06421 967437