Master Religion und Pschotherapie

M.A. Religion and Psychotherapy

M.A. Religion and Psychotherapy

  • A two-year degree completed parallel to your job with seminars at the Evangelische Hochschule TABOR
  • Taught by leading experts in the field
  • For psychologists, doctors, educators, theologians, counsellors, therapists, and in certain cases those with other professional backgrounds.

The MA Religion and Psychotherapy is aimed at all professionals who are interested in the integration of faith/spirituality and psychology/psychotherapy. Students are given the chance to develop their competence working with patients, or with clients seeking advice or counselling, in a way which responds sensitively to their religiosity/spirituality. Emphasising the professional response to religious and cultural diversity in postmodern societies of the present, the degree is not limited toward any particular confession of faith.

All the modules of the degree can also be taken as individual training courses. The research profile of the degree is supervised and developed academically by the Marburg Institute for Religion and Psychotherapy at the EH TABOR. The MA degree is accredited by AQAS e.V. and approved by the German government.

The modules

All modules can be taken individually as training courses. You can register for modules HERE. The following modules are offered:

  • Introductory module for Religion and Psychotherapy: Basic terms and the rationale of the degree
  • Islam and Psychotherapy
  • Clinical-psychological foundations for theologians
  • Psychotherapy and religious Counselling in dialogue
  • Spirituality: Forms and praxis of religious life
  • Forgiveness as religious and therapeutic practice.

For more information and questions about applications

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Henning Freund
+49 (0)6421 967 433 or 06221 3269566



Maria Shearn
+49 (0)6421 967437