Gruppe 2

M.A. Protestant Theology


The M.A. Protestant Theology

  • Expands and deepens the knowledge and competence gained in a B.A. theology degree
  • Can be completed part-time alongside your job or as a full-time degree
  • Can be decisive for Visa applications when working abroad

The degree

  • Conveys current specialist knowledge, skills and methods.
  • Connects biblical, historical, systematic and practical theology.
  • Involves neighbouring disciplines like sociology and psychology.
  • Qualifies students in independent theological work and research.
  • Enables critical understanding of academic research.
  • Fosters responsible service in the church and society.

All modules of the degree can also be taken individually without registering for the full M.A.

The degree is organised in cooperation with the International Hochschule Bad Liebenzell.

Content and course of the degree

Full-time or alongside your work

The M.A. Ev. Theologie:

  • is a consecutive degree.
  • builds upon a four-year B.A. in Theology.
  • consists of two semesters full-time study with 60 credit points.
  • can also be completed part-time and alongside your employment.
  • enables an individual choice of emphasis relevant to your future career.

Division of the 60 credit points (CP):

  • 40 CP: Five modules, each worth 8 CP.
  • 20 CP: Masters dissertation.


All modules of the degree can also be taken on their own for the purposes of your professional development.

Detailed information can be found in the current module handbook (in German).

Information about the dates of the modules can be found in the current module plan (in German).

Registration for the modules is possible via this link (in German).

  • Christian faith in the encounter with Islam
  • Arguing invitingly – the practice of apologetic conversation 
  • Building church in an urban and postmodern reality
  • Church services and preaching today
  • Spirituality: Forms and praxis of religious life


For the full-time degree, eligible students can apply for financial support from the German government (BaföG). Information about the BAföG can be found here.

Information about other scholarships can be found at the Stipendienlotse der Bundesregierung.

If you study alongside your employment as part of your professional development the degree or individual modules can be supported by the Bildungsprämie. The Bildungsprämie is financed by the Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung and the European Social Fund of the European Union. We can provide further information on request.

The costs for the degree are calculated by credit points (CP):

Modules with attendance 105,00 €/CP
Modules without attendance (Masters dissertation, Praxis project) 60,00 €/CP
Recognition of external achievements 20,00 €/CP

Additionally, each semester a registration fee is due

Up to 12 CP/Semester 65,00 €
More than 12 CP/Semester 130,00 €
Semester travel ticket (from 15 CP) 118,88 €

(the semester ticket is for full-time Masters students optional) (Updated 2016)


Part-time degree in 6 semesters, semester registration fee total 390 €
4 Modules with attendance, total of 32 CP 3.360 €
Praxis project, 8 CP 480 €
Masters dissertation, 20 CP 1.200 €
Total costs 5.430 €

The costs include all study-related fees, without accommodation or food during the block seminars.

If only individual modules are selected, instead of a semester registration fee there is a fee for administration costing 65 € per module.


Lecturers of M.A. Ev. Theologie

  • Volker Gäckle

  • Harald Jung

  • Stefan Piechottka

  • Gustavo Victoria, DMin, MA

  • Björn Wagner

Prerequisites for study

The most important prerequisite is a B.A. in Theology…

  • with at least 240 Credit points (= 4 years of study).
  • including a language exam in Greek.
  • completed with an overall grade of 2,5 or better.


Further arrangements:

  • Applicants with an overall grade under 2,5 must complete an aptitude test.
  • If the previous B.A. consisted of less than 240 CP, the EH TABOR can offer preparatory courses (including an aptitude test)
  • Applicants should be prepared to respect the theological profile of the EH TABOR.